Over 70 Premium Items in One Delivery

£90 Buy Back

We realize that you might not want to take all of your university stuff back with you when you leave your accomodation - and we'd hate for it all to end up being thrown out!

Therefore, as our pledge for a sustainable future, we offer to buy back your Student Starter Kit whenever you leave for up to £90!

All you need to do is send all the below items back to Paperclip. Once we receive all the items, you'll get £90 straight back to you.

When we receive the items, we'll reuse it for future students who purchase from us - at a discount!"             

Just email us at hello@paperclip.co and we'll get in contact with you in 24 hours to start the process.         

We cannot accept bedding or any broken items. But general wear and tear is acceptable. If unsure, just send us a message.      

Below are the items you can send back to us, and their buy back value.  

Item Value
Dinner Plates £5.20
Side Plates £2.20
Cereal Bowls £2.40
Coffee Mugs £2.00
Glasses £2.20
Forks £2.80
Knives £1.60
Table Spoons £1.80
Tea Spoons £1.80
Slotted Spoon £1.80
Solid Spoon £0.80
Potato Masher £1.70
Turner £1.70
Ladle £1.60
Serving Spoon £1.70
Whisk £1.80
Wooden Spoon & Spatula £1.70
Kitchen Knife £3.00
Chopping Board £2.20
Peeler £2.50
Oven Glove £3.50
Grater £2.00
Baking Tray £3.00
Collander £2.00
Scissors £3.00
Sieve £4.00
Can/Bottle Opener £4.00
Frying Pan £8.00
Saucepan Set £16.00
Coat Hangers £2.00